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Twakutukuza Trust Twakutukuza Trust

Twakutukuza Trust

Twakutukuza, a Swahili phrase meaning “We exalt You”, is a trust set up for the benefit of people struggling with cancer.  The plight of those within our society that are plagued with cancer is dire as the avenues for treatment are limited and the cost exorbitant. By 2006, the number of known cancer patients was 80,000. That number grows annually by about 2,000 people, making cancer one of the highest killer diseases. The local facilities are very limited with life-saving equipment only available at one public and one private hospital and with only four specialist doctors in the country.

This Cause is of personal importance to the Founder of the Trust, Ms Doris Mayoli, as she battled with Cancer 10 years ago and came out victorious and cancer free. Whereas she was fortunate enough to have friends and family who helped raise funds for her treatment, her heart has gone out to the majority of patients, especially in the rural areas, who do not have the privilege and ability to seek help elsewhere, and end up succumbing to the illness. Her passion is to raise funds to facilitate the treatment of these patients who are unable to obtain treatment due to the high costs involved, and also to give hope to others through sharing her story verbally and through a book in which she chronicles her walk with cancer, and also through music as she stages concerts with the Twa Choir.




News and Events

October 2015:

TWA 2015 Worship Concert was held on Oct 23rd, Oct 24th and Oct 25th at the Nairobi Chapel on Ngong road. View photos

September 2015:

TWA visited the Nairobi Hospice on Thursday, 17th September 2015. View photos

July 2015:

Rehearsals continue to be a time to encourage, grow, learn together as a choir, a place of healing, a place of networking, a place to make new friends and of course a place to enjoy the harmonies that come from participating in a choir as we learn the songs we shall share with those who attend the shows.

February 2015:

Celebrate Life Event was held on 14th Feb 2015. We thank all those who contributed to make it a super special day. Read more


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